Friday, 23 October 2009

Tips For Spells

I’m onto writing the spells for my Samhain celebration but thought I’d put some general tips for spells together for you so that you can see where I was coming from when I post some of the results of my labour!

So, without further ado, 5 tips for spells:

1) They don’t have to rhyme - but it’s nice when they do! The words are a powerful part of your spell but this is more to do with what they mean to you. The power and the magik lies within so always go for a method that you find works best, and this will only be discovered with experience. Personally, I always go for rhymes as I love the feel of the words as I say them; I think it helps to build momentum and energies and also it builds the right atmosphere. But please feel free to do it your own way.

2) Always prepare yourself so that you get into the right state of mind for performing your spell. You can incorporate some of this into the spell or ritual if you wish but otherwise spend some time meditating, listening to relaxing music or even finding clothes that always seem to charge you up with the right energy!

3) Consecrate your work space and tools. Restoring clean energies to your equipment and ridding the area you have designated to work in from negativity will mean your spell work is more efficient and you will feel more comfortable. A very simple but powerful way of doing this is smudging.

4) Don’t write your spell with an aim to getting immediate results as this will often only lead to disappointment. Try to write them so that you can see things happen over a month - eg. Don’t aim for Mr X to fall in love with you right now, go for a man with such and such a qualities to come to you within 3 months. Work with nature and the natural flow, don’t try to bend it.

5) This possibly belongs more in tips for spells for absolute beginners so forgive me if you’re more advanced than this but I found that keeping something familiar to me nearby was extremely helpful. So it may be a favourite piece of jewellery or a photo, but go for something that you find brings you comfort and makes you feel safe. Spells can feel a bit ‘weird’ to start with and this can help it to feel more part of you.

There you go, some very basic tips for spells. Hope they help give you some ideas!

Fran xxx

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