Thursday, 10 March 2011

Free Spells - Money spell to help with a little bit extra

Ok, who doesn't need a bit of extra cash now and then. Or in fact anytime! I have a lot of really exciting things coming up and I would really hate to miss out on them just because I hadn't taken action to bring in a few extra bob in good time. So I am going to share a simple money spell with you so that you can try and open up the energies to let some much needed money flow your way.

Now as usual, I'm going to point out that spells and witchcraft are not about getting what you want necessarily. The universe and the self is a complicated blend and just because you want more material things in your life, it doesn't mean that this is something the universal wisdom would deem as important for you. So please do try to focus on this money spell as one of widening up your life in as many ways as possibe, a means to grow or explore and develop. It's fine to ask for help if you are in dire straights of course but my main point is, try to make sure that motives are not entirely selfish as this can affect the efficacy of what you are doing.

Also, I would like to emphasise what I say about money flowing towards you. What do I mean by this? It's about opening up the opportunities for what you want coming to you, being aware of everthing that can make the difference. This can happen in just about an infinite amount of ways but what you mustn't do is just sit back and hope that money flies into your lap!

Ok, so that said, onto my money spell. There are only two things that you need for this - a green spell candle and a penny that you found in the street! You may think that this is going to take you some time to come across. Trust me, I have never found it to take more than a few days when you keep your eyes peeled. I started this yesterday and saw a penny outside the supermarket within 3 hours :)

Light your candle and place the penny in a pot, pouch or purse to keep it safe. Then say:

Where there is one
There will be more

To greater luck
I open the door

1,2,3 or 4
Let the pennies flow to me

And each one I'll store

May I accumulate and be blessed with that which I deserve.

Don't forget to let me know if you find anything and how long it takes you!


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