Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happening upon a Pagan ceremony at the Rollright Stones

As I mentioned the other day, I did my traditional Ostara walk last week, and as usual went a-strolling around the Cotswolds. On the way my friend directed me to the intriguing Rollright stones as she knew I'd be interested in these ancient, possibly Druid, relics.

The Rollright Stones

For some info on what they are all about, take a look at their website here, but basically think Stonehenge but smaller and more accessible! The local folklore apparently says that they are the petrified remains of a brave king and his knights and there are 3 separate sites to visit - the King's Knights, the King Stone and the Whispering Knights. My favourite tale of a travelling king and his men who encounter the reknowned witch, Mother Shipton who cast a spell on them and turned them to stone!

The King Stone

I am aware that the Cotswold Order of the Druids often organise events at Rollrights and that it is not uncommon for local groups to arrange ceremonies there too. So I was delighted to come across what had obviously been a very recent function and thought I'd share the pictures with you.



If anyone happens to know of the specifics of who the group were or anything to do with the event I'd be so interested to find out! The site had a lovely, clean and peaceful energy around it - absolutely gorgeous :)

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