Thursday, 17 December 2009

Yule Diary 4

Ok next is psychic awareness in my Yule spells plans. I intended to focus a lot more on this than I actually am as I’ve decided to postpone much of it to the New Year. This is a time factor more than anything as psychic development is a matter of understanding yourself, the tools and methods you use to tune in with and how to develop some discipline so that you can do this at will - this all takes time.

So I’ve decided on a tarot reading and some pendulum work the day before Yule. With the tarot reading, I’m going to do this for myself with a general aim of seeing what next year has in store for me. Looking at the main areas, I will then ask the pendulum to draw me towards the most productive areas, the areas where I have most work to do etc. and see what comes up.

I’ll give you an example of how I did this before. In a previous reading, I got some great cards indicating success around me. However there was also some guidance showing me not to take this for granted and to continue to put in as much as effort when things started to go well. To get more clarity I used the pendulum to confirm the major weak areas asking ‘does this relate to the course I’m doing’ then ‘does this relate to my project at work’. Once I can see more precisely what I’m dealing with, I’m better placed to be more specific with my spell. I would strongly advise keeping notes throughout, it’s surprising how much information you get and consequently forget soon after!

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