Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Free Spells With Tarot Cards

As promised, here are some free spells that you can use with tarot cards. Yep, I said I was going to include some, and here they are!

I love these simple rituals and thought they were perfect to include as free spells as you hardly need anything to make them work. They can be used with quite a few tarot cards but the structure is the same for each one, which is as follows:

Place the candle next to the tarot card and focus on them both for 4-5 minutes. During this time, repeat the name of the tarot card 3 times. This incantation will help you to make the changes you need in your life.

As I mentioned, there are quite a few for you to choose from - they may be free spells but the quantity is there ;) Here are the combinations.

Using a dark green candle and the Hanged Man tarot card, you will be able to give your self confidence a boost.

A blue candle and the Emperor will help you to make a success out of your endeavours.

If you are looking to move, or feel the need for some added protection in your life you will need an ivory candle together with the Tower.

Who doesn’t need more money?? Get yourself an orange candle and burn it next to - you may have already guessed- the Wheel of Fortune.

Pink makes the boys wink (apparently) so you’ll need a pink candle for love. Combine with the kindly powers of the Empress.

is one of my favourite colours as it is so spiritual. It follows that it is the spell candle of wisdom so burn it next to the Hierophant.

If you’re planning on doing some travelling or would like to, get a red candle and select the exciting Chariot card.

White for new beginnings. You’ll also need the Fool card for this, but don’t be put off, there’s more to this chap than meets the eye!

If you’re finding it hard to say what you want to, yellow is the colour for you. Place it next to the Magician.

An important point to end on. When putting out spell candles, use a candle snuffer. This way, you contain all of the energies you have been building up while you have been working. You don’t want to blow them all away do you??!

Enjoy. I’ll be back with more free spells next week :)

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