Thursday, 26 March 2009

Free Spells - Love Sachets

This week’s free spell is an excellent way to build some love attracting energy around you without needing to go through a complicated ritual. It’s a sachet of herbs especially known for their love powers and just about anyone can make one.

The sachet itself can be made out almost anything; cuts of fabric, muslin cloth, even an old stocking. You just need to add some ribbon, thread or string to tie it up with - it’s as simple as that! You then need to add your material with herbs and there are particular herbs associated with attracting love so you may want to choose from the following:

Hibiscus flower
Blue poppy seed
Jasmine flowers
Lavender flowers
Pink Rose Buds

As you can see, flowers are made for love spells!

You can use any one but it is preferable to use a selection. Experiment to find which combinations work best for you (and don’t forget to note your results in your journal/book of shadows!).

As with all spells, you will need to make sure you charge it with some energy for its purpose but this can be done while you make the sachet. As you work, light either a white candle to Aphrodite (the Goddess of love) or a pink candle for love. Visualise the one that you want to be with, or if no one in particular right now, imagine love coming to you and the feelings of joy and warmth etc. Be specific about what you want to get and feel from love.

Now you’ve done your free spell, you can keep it with you or place it under your pillow (thinking of love as you drift off to sleep). But my favourite is to hang it in your wardrobe - particularly good for clothes that you intend to wear on a big date!

Next time, I’m planning on ways to use psychic powers in your free spells so see you then :)

Have fun and LOVE & light!
Fran xx

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