Friday, 27 March 2009

Free Spells - Psychic Development & How It Helps Witch Spells

Not a free spell as such, but I thought it would be a good time to include how psychic powers can assist you in your spell making.

Many people keep witchcraft and psychic abilities completely separate but I feel that this is a waste of, what combined, can be a very potent force. You can, in my mind, double the impact of your spells by tuning into your extrasensory side.

Undoubtedly psychic development is a course in itself so I will not attempt to go into that here. But if you feel that you have a gift or are interested in using instincts or imagery to power up your spells, here’s a few starting points to get you thinking.

1) Firstly, let your intuition guide you towards the direction your spells should be taking. Has someone been in your thoughts a lot lately? Maybe a spell to send them increased luck or comforting would be good.

2) When writing and casting your spells, add that you would like the subject of the spell to visit your dreams. For example, if you want love you can ask that you increase the connection by dreaming of your heart’s desire. :)

3) Use relevant tarot cards in your rituals. Seeking a good marriage? Try including the 4 of Wands in your spell. Could do with some good luck? Bring in the Wheel of Fortune!

4) Ask your guides to join forces with you and send you their love and energy to assist you in making your spell a success. Don’t forget to thank them afterwards.

5) Use clairvoyant powers to adapt your spells. Dedication to your spell is great, but being too rigid is not. Do not ignore your inner voice if it is telling you that the outcome will not be as you want it to be. Meaning? I have often seen people try to use spell craft to get someone to change, eg. A wayward boyfriend or cheating spouse. Deep down we often know that this is impossible but wishful thinking spurs us on nevertheless. Don’t fall into that trap. Let your intuition guide you and instead redirect the spell to bring the love you deserve into your life.

Hope this helps you to bring something extra into your spell work.

Fran's Free Spells :)

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