Friday, 30 April 2010

Completed Beltane Spell - Can't Wait!!

Ok, I have completed my Beltane ritual/spell and am ready to go for tomorrow! Here’s what I’ve come up with - hope you find it useful. 

I mentioned earlier in the week that I really like the tradition of lighting the home fires with a flame carried from the Beltane bonfire so I have bought a large candle to light in the afternoon. (I would have lit it in the morning but I’ll be out!) I will then use this to light the candles later when I am ready for my Beltane spell. 

On my Beltane altar I have my red and white braided wand, my chalice with a moonstone covered with rose petals (these will be placed side by side according to the spell below), red and white candles and roses that I will get fresh cut in the morning. 

I will be starting the actual Beltane ritual with some meditation before my altar so will light my candles. As I mentioned before, my aim is for the balance of feminine and masculine energies within me and to create a feeling of constructive emotions.  I will be focusing on the feelings that I’ve had lately and particularly those that have held me back or weakened me in some way. Then I’ll be seeking to create balance in these situations and looking for where I could have addressed these problems a little better. It’s not just wisdom with hindsight I promise, I intend to bring this balance into future similar situations!

When I feel I  am ready, I will say:

My need is for balance
To keep my path straight
To nurture my talents
And assist in my fate

The God and the Goddess
Placed side by side
Equally, they bless
Their example, my guide

To reach equilibrium
Requires that I listen
To both sides of my being
I am whole, no division

Then, I will take the candles outside (weather permitting of course) where I will enjoy some Cornish honey mead that I friend back for me last week! 

Bright Beltane blessings to you, may summer start with joy and happiness!!

Fran xx

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