Sunday, 25 April 2010

Beltane Diary - Day 3. How to actually represent masculine and feminine?

Right, I’m on the way to completing my Beltane spell plans! As mentioned previously, the central them for me this year is balance between masculine and feminine. To me this means to allow my emotions to flow freely but to only let them drive me forwards, not to lock me in place. To see beauty in the world around me but also recognise what needs to be fixed. To actively build momentum in my life but also to allow myself to sit back and enjoy it once in a while! 

Therefore, I have brought symbols of masculine and feminine into my plans but I want them to be more than just representations. I want to incorporate them on a much deeper level. This was easier with the wand that will be making for masculinity because of the need to braid the ribbon myself - there’s a personal touch because of the creativity involved. 

But with the femininity I’ve had to think harder. Simply placing a chalice on the altar didn’t seem to feel balanced at all. I am therefore placing inside a little gift of a moonstone (a very feminine and intuitive gemstone). I will have water in my chalice on the day and then on top of this I will cover with rose petals. 

More later!

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