Monday, 12 April 2010

5 Facts About Beltane - The Fire Festival

I'm doing some Beltane facts on Twitter at the moment and today I put on it that it was a Celtic fire festival. This prompted a comment from someone who was curious about this. I thought I'd add a few little extra points just to clarify! So here are 5 facts about Beltane - the Fire Festival! 

1) The Beltane fire festival is held on August 30th in Edinburgh every year. It's an absolutely huge event! Admittedly though, the organisers state that the celebrations are not entirely traditional. 

2) There are differences in the way the Celts celebrated Beltane and the ways the Germanic people did. For the latter it was more about the fertility rites (something we've adopted more in today's rituals) and for the Celts it was around livestock. I have read about tales of cattle being brought out to pasture for the first time and they were, en route, passed briefly through bonfires to cleanse them and their energies. 

3) For some households, Beltane was a time to burn bedding and unwanted items from winter. A sort of spring clean!

4) The meaning of Beltane can vary depending on your source of information but 'brightest fires' is one and fires of Bel is another I have encountered. Bel was a Celtic deity. 

5) The fire is also symbolic at this time as we are welcoming the return of the sun to the earth and, hopefully, being blessed with a glorious summer! 

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Fran xx

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