Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Beltane Diary - Day 2, Masculine and Feminine Balance

I mentioned in my Beltane diary yesterday that I was going to focus on the balance between male and  female, this being a festival of fertility. I’ve been thinking some more about this and realised that I have actually been spending my time with mostly women lately and that my approach to decisions and life in general had been highly influenced - which is not to say that my friends are not lovely, wise people! More that there has an imbalance and one that I think I want to address at Beltane. 

This is not to say, incidentally, that I believe in the opposites theory for men and women. They are by no means poles apart. But I do feel that, whether the reasons be nature or nurture, certain qualities tend to be found more with one gender than the other. 

Ergo I have found that emotional responses have been coming through very strongly for me lately. Instinct has led the way! Absolutely fine, but I have to confess that some calm, measured rationalising would not have been a bad thing on some days. 

Therefore, I’m going to bring in some balance between the masculine and the feminine within me and during this process stop the feeling of being pulled in one direction. The aim will be more about wholeness, about getting everything to work in a complementary fashion, rather than about separating male and female and then attempting to slot them both together again! 

Meditation is going to be a big part of this and I already was planning on using a chalice (for femininity) and the branch/wand (for masculinity) but now I need to focus more on the deeper elements of what this truly means. Do you have any methods that you use? Want to share them? :)

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