Thursday, 8 April 2010

How to Cast a Circle

Casting a circle around your altar or any space you want to do your spell work is important but not strictly essential. Many witches and Wiccans swear by it and yet others, mainly solitaries, feel comfortable and safe enough in their environment to work without it. In fact I know of one witch who said that she feels fenced in when she casts a circle! However, it is for many an energy generating part of their ritual and the sense of being and belonging in their own space is one they couldn’t do without. 

For my two pennies worth, I find it an enjoyable experience in itself and this boosts my spell casting. I also enjoy the cleansed energies and equate it to the fresh feeling you get after a thunder storm. It feels like you’re working from a totally clean slate. 

Hence, I’ve decided to write a few, simple suggestions on how to cast a circle for those who wish to give it a try!

How to Cast a Circle

  • Firstly, how much space do you need? Think this through first! How many people need to be in it? How much room is needed to work? Obviously the amount of space you have in the first place is going to be a factor but don’t underestimate how big a space you need and then wind up feeling cramped. 

  • To actually cast the circle, you can visualise your space or physically draw it out if this helps you. Whatever makes you feel happiest. You can mark out your circle using your hands, an athame, salt water, a piece of cord, by walking round the edge with a candle - or choose a method that feels personal to you. 

  • Represent the elements - the earth in the north, air in the east, fire in the south and water in the west. 

  • To add some ceremony and state your purpose, now you need to officially invoke the powers of the divine. If you have a particular affinity to a God or Goddess then call upon them and perform a ceremony that draw their powers. Otherwise you can invite the all encompassing God and Goddess into your circle and humbly ask that they protect and bless you. 

  • If you want to say some words to complete the process, than you should choose your own. It will help to make it feel a personal place to you. 

  • Ensure that you do not step outside your circle until you are done. To leave, you need to cut the circle with either an athame or a cutting motion with your hand. This is showing due respect to the energies around you and acknowledging the realness of their presence. 

How Often Should You Cast a Circle

This is a question that gets mixed opinions so there is no right or wrong. I do not cast a circle every time I do spell work as sometimes I just don’t have the time, it’s a quick piece of magik and I don’t want to halt the momentum and sometimes I simply do not wish to feel confined. 

So this is very much down to you. If you feel you need the extra protection, it’s important. If you are performing something with a more ritual feel to it, it will help too. And if you are new to spell casting, it is useful to get you used to working with energies. 

Hope this helps and if you have any questions at all, then please ask away!

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