Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Beltane Love Spell for Maria

Maria asked for a Beltane based love spell and I have put something simple together - hope this helps you!

I am basing it on fire, Beltane being a fire festival, and also because this works well with igniting the flame of passion! This can be used in an existing relationship but is very relevant to new love as the Beltane energies lend themselves to new connections, this being a fertility festival too ;)

All you will need is 3 red candles and 3 white candles. Carve your initial into the white candles and the object of your desire's into the red ones. Place them in an crescent shape with the white candles all to the left, the red to the right. 

God and Goddess unite at this time
An alliance of love and the truly divine

Light 1 white candle and 1 red, the ones furthest apart. 

This spirit of passion blesses us all
We give of our hearts when we hear love's true call

Light the second red and white candles.

Joined by the fire
Joined in our ardour
Joined we rise higher
May our hearts be as one. 

Light the final candles and then take a few moments for meditation and to imagine and create the feelings of love you aim for. Then blow out the candles, watching the smoke rise and take your prayers skywards and thank the divine as you do this. 

Fran xx


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