Friday, 28 May 2010

Sending thoughts to someone who needs them

Sometimes spells don't need to be about big changes or even about yourself. This is a little spell I've just done to send some healing thoughts of love to someone special who's going through a hard time. I like to have a few simple words to say but it's more to do with the sentiments and the thoughts that you project. Take something - such as a crystal, a flower or even a photo of the person who needs your assistance and blessings - and when you send your thoughts to your friend, direct them at the object you've chose to represent them. Them place the object to one side but in a room where you will be spending a lot of time. Your caring energies will be constantly 'topping up' every time you see their representation and will be sent their way. Here are the words I used, feel free to choose your own:

I'm not there in person
But my heart's by your side
I pray things won't worsen
And you'll be back in your stride

If you have a moment, please spare a little thought to a very sweet person who needs a bit of a boost from the kind souls of this world. Thank you. xx

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