Thursday, 20 May 2010

Free Spells - General Life-Changing Spells part 4 (Bells)

Years ago, I shared a house with a Buddhist and was awoken every morning by the sound of her chanting and with either the chime of her bell or gong. It was a lovely way to start the day! Ever since then I've been very fond of the sound of bells ringing and use them quite a lot in spells in order to bring about change and/or a sense of calm. The very sound seems to change the atmosphere and my mood along with it so I find them fantastic for stoking up energies. 

I have a range of them but one of my favourites is a tiny bell that I got off a Lindt bunny! (Although I had to change the clapper inside to something that made a better noise.) It is such a lovely 'ting, ting' sound that I use it when I want a more fun sound or something light. 

And that's what's needed today. You don't need to find a tiny bell necessarily, any one that you've got will do. Even a triangle or something you can hit gently would suffice - as long as the noise it makes is light and pleasing. But I wouldn't be without mine personally! 

Seeing as we are with general life-changing spells at the moment, I wanted to focus on your first steps towards change. If you are really lost and daren't make any drastic changes or haven't the courage to do so as yet, this is perfect for you. It will bring about small changes that can turn into larger opportunities if you grab them. 

It's a very simple spell also - all you need to do is 'jangle' the bell after each line. Here goes:

Slowly and gently I start to awaken
I close the door on the past
I'm ruffled, uncertain, but my core is not shaken
And change will embrace me at last

I know I am moving
But I know not to where
But I WILL be improving
And my heart will repair

Try this over 3 days if you can as this will help you to build confidence in the words, bring familiarity and help you relax enough to get those small - but oh so significant - changes going. 


  1. What a wonderful idea. I've never used bells in my spells before - I think it's lovely that you're mixing various ideas from other cultures into your spells. I'm going to give it a go tomorrow :)

  2. good..../

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  3. Thank you! I do like to use a range of influences in my spells. If you stick to a narrow outlook you miss out on so many great ideas. It also smacks of thinking your own way is the best way and I like to avoid that kind of thinking!

    Hope your bell spell works out well for you :)
    Fran xx