Saturday, 22 May 2010

Free Spells - General Life-Changing Spells part 5 (Meditation)

Last part of my free spells in the area of general life changes. Today I will leave you with a way of opening up the flow of energies around you, to help you drift along in the direction you are meant to be heading in. If we’re stressed, we can get in the habit of fighting against the tide - we keep on doing it even when the current is taking us to safety. It’s fear that makes us keep thrashing away - and consequently it’s a very brave decision to let go. 

Here is a free spell to help you lessen your grip and start coasting! 

You’ll need a bowl full of water and something that will effortlessly float in it such as floating candles, flower petals etc. This will be placed just above your head as you lie on the floor (which incidentally is your crown chakra which opens up intuition and your connection to your body and soul as a whole). At your hands and feet, place an incense stick. Something like lavender or lotus is perfect but it’s more about  allowing the smoke to pass over and around you and represent the ebb and flow of life. Some relaxing music can also help you to shut out the outside world, particularly if you have a lot of noise to contend with. 

Lie down and repeat the following two lines for as long as you feel you need to in order to let thoughts and expectations leave your mind. 

I release my grip
And drift towards life

When you are feeling in a changed state of mind and are feeling more positive, then close with:

With divine spirits by my side
My doubts and fears, I cast aside
The flow and current will be my guide
And in its direction, I will abide

In particular, the next 2 to 3 weeks will be the time to go with intuition, listen to your inner voice and NEVER ignore it when it’s telling you something is the wrong choice for you. 

Have courage. 
Fran xx

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  1. Thanks for the meditation spell. I will give it a go and let you know how I get on :)