Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Free spells - General Life-Changing Spells part 1

Often when we want general changes in our lives, it’s because something is blocking us from moving forwards. It feels like whatever we do, we can’t seem to make a difference. This may genuinely be because you’ve had nothing but bad luck - it can happen! But more often, there are changes you need to make in your thinking and outlook. It’s all too easy to fall into patterns of behaviour that do you no good at all. Being able to spot when you are doing this though, is incredibly difficult. So my first general life change spell isn’t actually a spell. It’s about opening up the mind in preparation so that you can see where you might be locking your life and feelings in place and controlling yourself in a destructive way. Here are some of the things I like to do:

  • Do something differently just before you start your thinking. It doesn’t have to be anything major - a cup of tea when you normally have coffee or drive or walk home from work a different way. This will subtly change energies around you just enough for you to utilise them. 
  • I use some incense from my website to burn - Uranus Incense. I like it because of the astrological properties of Uranus: strength, independence and innovation. This encourages you to find all you need to start thinking differently and ‘out of the box’. 
  • Meditate. This enables your to find your own answers by way of an inner chat which is so much more powerful than getting them from books or well meaning friends and family! Only you know what you truly want and it will be lurking in your subconscious somewhere. 
  • As an addition to meditation, I use either a crystal ball or a scrying bowl but you can also use a large mirror placed down on a table or anything that is reflective. Look for any images, words or concepts that come to you as they will be pointing you in the direction of where you need to focus on first. 
  • Pull 3 tarot cards. This is an extremely simple way of isolating the key points. And the simplest answers are often the truest.
More coming tomorrow on what to do to open up energies for change once you know what you want to rectify. 

Fran xx

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