Sunday, 16 May 2010

Free Spells - General Life-Changing Spells part 3 (Universal Powers!)

The Power of all the Universal Elements

Seeing as we are looking at general life-changing spells at the moment, and this can be all encompassing in terms of what you want changed, I have written a spell that draws on the energies of all of the divine spirits, or universal elements (depending on what you want to call them). 

The purpose of doing so is to garner the energies from all sources and of all characteristics. It will then be more likely that they will bring you a variety of changes of different shades and flavours, leaving you with many paths to choose from. 

You need to represent the 5 elements, so will need:

Fire - a candle
Earth - sea salt
Spirit - something personal to you, such as a piece of jewellery or a photo

Place these items in a circle on the floor so that you are able to sit in the middle of them. You need to spend some time meditating so that you are in tune with these different and unique energies - you should try to pick up on how they all feel to you. This will be important in recognising what energies come through to you as you work. 

Say the following 3 times: 

Spirits of the Divine
Virtues combine
Your perfect design
Will teach me

Now spend at least 20 minutes meditating and paying particular attention to any one type of thought, energy or emotion that comes to you. If you feel there is one, very strong sense, jot it down in your book of shadows. You will now have some ideas on what areas you need to focus on. 

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