Thursday, 13 May 2010

Free Spells - General Life-Changing Spells part 2

If you read yesterday's blog, you'll be aware that I recommended opening yourself up to your inner voice first to show you the direction that your life should be heading in. If you know anyway, or have already done the preparation, here's a simple life-changing spell to get the process started! 

This is about building up the energies to unleash the real/true you and to get you moving forwards if you are feeling stuck. 

All you need is a mirror and something to mark a representation of a path for the reflection - so candles or a selection of crystals. Arrange them in a V shaped so that when reflected, it looks like the path is heading away from you. So basically, the tip of the V should be closest to you. At this point, place something that represents the area of change you feel you want to encourage. It could be a coin for money or a heart for love. If you don't have only the one thing you you want to change, or you are still not sure what you want to happen, that's fine, just work with the path shape you have created. 

Stand or sit in front of your display and look into the mirror. Say:

At this time I am standing
In my current place
But my path of understanding
Means change I embrace

Lightness and dark
The joy and the pain
Without fear, I embark
On a new life of gain

To start my transition
I eliminate blocks
By my own volition
My secret unlocks

More tomorrow! 

Fran xx

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