Saturday, 20 November 2010

Free Spell: A little love spell

It's been a while since I included a love spell - don't know why as who doesn't like a bit of romance in their life! So I've got a very simple little spell to try. It can be for trying to encourage the spark between you and an interest or to bring back and little frisson to an established relationship. Both work well if you just want a bit of passion back in your life.

You will need:
A white candle
The Lovers card from a tarot deck
White paper
A red pencil, crayon or pen

Place the lovers card in front of you, the unlit candle just behind it. Directing your thoughts to the tarot card say:

You represent the beauty of love The feelings I wish to enjoy

(Light the candle)
So I light up your power Illuminate the wonder Then cast it on me and my love

I write my intentions My promise to him/her Please carry my thoughts to the wisdom above

Now write something personal and expressive about the feelings you have for this person on the white paper in the red pencil. Don't make it too much of a wish list though, it's not the time to lay out what you want to happen. Just put down your honest feelings and let the energies do the rest :)

When you are finished, fold the Lovers card up in the paper you have written your intention on and leave it (safely!) in the light of your burning candle.

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