Sunday, 14 November 2010

Free Spell: The Disappointment Spell

Unfortunately I have had a bit of a disappointment lately. I had pinned my hopes on something only to find that it wasn't quite what I imagined. It's no biggie ultimately but sometimes it's really hard to change the way you view something, to accept reality and move on. Disappointment leaves a gap in your feelings somehow, it leaves you not knowing what to aim for or cling to or even believe in. The hard part is trying to find something to fill that gap.

Needless to say, I've spent this afternoon working through a few spells to help me with this! Thought you might like a few ideas if you have been through something similar recently.

Disappointment Spell Number 1
You will need:
A candle (any colour is fine)
Bread (preferably quite wholesome and fresh)

These are to represent sustenance and the feeling of being full and satisfied in your life.

I have light to help me see (light your candle)
I have air to help me breath (light the incense)
I have water to refresh and carry me (lightly touch the water or even sip it)
I have bread to nourish and fulfill (taste the bread)

The basis of life for me is observed
I'm whole and complete

Hope follows

Disappointment Spell 2
The next spell I worked on is very simple and one that I can repeat whenever that sinking feeling washes over me. Think of it as a top up!

I am using a tumblestone of clear quartz as this is such great neutraliser. It's important to realise when disappointed that very often, you haven't lost anything, you just feel like you have. Your situation is much the same as it was and this is why I like clear quartz - it resets the energies.

Just keep the gemstone of your choice with you and if you feel a bit low, hold it in your hand and try the following:

My feelings are infinite
My spirit moves on

Blessings and hugs and I hope good luck finds you! xx

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