Saturday, 11 December 2010

Yule Preparations - Day 2

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to represent the God and Goddess in my Yule celebrations. Now, I am a solitary witch and so do not subscribe to a particular Wiccan tradition - if you do then you are likely to already have close associations with particular deities and the associated names. But I enjoy the ecclectic nature of being solitary in this instance, that I can choose what I feel most drawn to and what I feel would most suit my spell or ritual. As long as I give thanks and am humble, I see all is well with this.

For this particular Yule, I am choosing the Triple Goddess and the horned God.

To represent the Triple Goddess I am going to use an altar cloth with her/their symbol on it. I am also going to use a display that features something else I talked of yesterday - the crystal ball. This will placed at the centre as it's to represent the full moon, the mother - full and abundant. On either side, to represent maiden and crone, I will have an acorn and an owl. Potential and vitality balanced by wisdom and a psychic eye.

Now for the horned God - I am going to use the guise of the Holly King for this. Plenty around and this represents perfectly a rich, deepness in character (in the dark green) and the scary edge (in the prickles)! Holly is something that I'm so happy to use in my Yule rituals and spells as not only does it have its Pagan traditions but it's one of the many things that remains with us today and so brings with it all the happy memories of childhood memories.

Now need to get cracking on putting some structure together for al these ideas!

Fran xxx

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