Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The autumnal equinox - Mabon

Firstly, to all those celebrating today - Happy Mabon! If you're celebrating over the weekend, luck you as I'll be working :(

As I mentioned yesterday, this is a really busy time for me and I've not got much time to dedicate to honouring Mabon this evening. But I have got a few plans for when I get back later and so thought I'd share them with you. I am only planning on spending 10 minutes so if you're short on time too, this should suit you.

Mabon is a sun sabbat and so I like to feature some orange and gold. If you've been following my blog for a while then you will know that I have a gold, sun mirror that I use a lot so that's coming out this evening! I also have a very sturdy, patterned orange candle that I've been saving for the occasion. It's also a time of giving thanks so usually I like to make some apple and raisin biscuits (that's cookies to those of you in the US!) to give to friends. Whether or not they consider it much of a gift considering my cooking skills is another matter! But I don't have the time today so I will fall back on my usual fail-safe of making a donation to a charity box. It's all about cultivating energies of giving.

For me, Mabon is also a time of balance. We are letting go of the summer and looking towards the onset of winter and in the meantime there's a bit of everything going on. Stood between the two, we need to be flexible and fluid in our thinking. If we get some crisp, sunny days we smile and enjoy it. When the rain and biting cold comes, we wrap up warm and look forward to snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate later! You can feel pulled in different directions with the weather but I actually see it as being a beautiful time of year that is changeable and vibrant.

I've spent some time thinking over the last week of all the things I need to let go of, all the things that I've been putting time and energy into but aren't doing me any good. And I've got lots of ideas for new projects and things I've always wanted to try. This evening, I will light my candle (my mirror positioned so I can see the flame reflected and increase the light) and write down these ideas. When I'm finished, I will blow out the candle to represent us going into the dark months.

Have a great evening yourself! Blessings to you all and your loved ones :)

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