Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Litha time!

Here's my first post on Litha (Midsummer) and I must say that I'm REALLY looking forward to it! It isn't a major Sabbatt but it's definitely one of the most pleasant of festivals by nature of the potential sun and warmth. So, I shall be starting a series on how to build your plans/write spells for the occasion.

One of the reasons that I'm extra excited though, is because I have a trip to Cornwall planned for Litha! In case you don't know, Cornwall is kind of Witchcraft central in terms of history and folklore and I'm definitely planning on going to the Museum of Witchcraft! 

To the Cornish, Litha is known as Golowan and there are loads of planned activities and entertainment. There is a big emphasis on fire traditionally which, of course, ties in with the heat and strength of the sun. 

So, seeing as I'm likely to be away from home and in a region that has a particular way of celebrating Litha, I'm hoping to develop my celebrations with these things in mind. But I will also be covering more general ideas so that you can base your own plans on what you feel applies to you. 

And if you have any suggestions for me, particularly on Golowan, then please let me know! 

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